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Chang Gung University

Established in April 1987 as the Chang Gung Medical College with the mission of training outstanding medical personnel at that time, Chang Gung University was renamed in 1997, in order to meet the needs of the country's economic development, to broaden the instructional resources and to turn out talented workers in medicine, engineering, and management.


Chang Gung University has been striving for excellence in both instruction and research area since the establishment of our institution. While continuously hiring outstanding scholars and experts to join our faculty community, the faculty members of Chang Gung University have played active roles in national-level research projects sponsored by the National Science Council, National Institute of Health, and other organizations. Currently Chang Gung University consists of 3 Colleges, Medicine, Engineering, and Management and over 30 Departments.


APOTS 2017 – Second Medical Science Building

2017 Taiwan-Japan Occupational Therapy Joint Symposium – 6F Conference Hall 1, Engineering Building

APOTRG General Assembly – Conference Room, First Medical Science Building

Taiwan Occupational Therapy Association General Assembly – 2F C203, Second Medical Science Building